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TeraSmart Sensors

TeraSmart focuses on providing home security sensing solutions to create a smart and safe home for you. TeraSmart sensor ecosystem covers security, fire protection, environmental monitoring, and other scenarios. Compatible with Wi-Fi+BLE, Wi-Fi, BLE, NB-IoT, Zigbee, and other protocols, backed by TeraSmart's powerful AI+IoT Platform and Powered by TeraSmart ecosystem, these solutions integrate with "cloud-pipe-device" collaboration architecture to help build a smart world with perception and interconnection of everything.

Security Scenario

Security Camera

All Day Security Butler

Keep your family safe


Door/Window Sensor

It can be placed in refrigerators, mailboxes, safes, liquor cabinets, medicine cabinets, snack boxes and other places where you want to monitor the opening and closing of doors and windows in real time.


SOS Button

Designed for use by the elderly, pregnant women, and children, in the event of an emergency, press the button to call for help.


PIR Detector

It can monitor whether there are people passing by in real time, which is suitable for regional security scenarios; at the same time, with scene linkage, it can expand a variety of application scenarios, such as alarm when someone passes by, and lights off when no one is around.


Motion Detector

It is suitable for use on anything that does not want to be touched, such as medicine cabinets, safes, drawers and so on.


Strobe Siren

Can be combined with other security equipment to form a security package. Support real-time alarm, adjust the alarm sound level and light brightness.

Environment Scenario

Beautiful Nature

Visible Peace Of Mind

Environment detection with early warning


Temperature and Humidity Detection

Through a temperature and humidity sensor, you can view real-time temperature and humidity from your mobile phone, and set reminders for the upper and lower limits. Link devices at the specific temperature and humidity, and automatically turn on and off air conditioners, humidifiers, and other devices within the set range.


Air Quality Detection

Through a PM2.5 sensor, you can view the PM2.5 concentration from your mobile phone in real time, and can be notified in time when the limit is exceeded. Support linkage with other devices. Once the PM2.5 concentration exceeds the limit, a fresh air ventilator will be automatically turned on.


Water Leakage Warning

Through a water detector, real-time alarms are triggered for water leakage to protect the family from flooding and property losses. Support linkage with other devices, such as siren alarms. Support text message and phone call push service.


Formaldehyde Detection

Through a formaldehyde sensor, you can view the formaldehyde concentration from your mobile phone in real time, and receive over-limit alarm and real-time push messages. In case the formaldehyde concentration exceeds the limits, the formaldehyde sensor is linked with other devices, for example, it can automatically turn on the fresh air ventilator.

Fire Alarm Scenario

Luxurious Kitchen

All-round guardian, all year round


Smoke Detector

Link with multiple alarms, timely push messages through text message and phone calls, and support device linkage


Gas Detector

View real-time gas concentration from your mobile phone, and support over-limit alarm and device linkage.


CO2 Detector

View real-time CO2 concentration from your mobile phone, and support over-limit alarm and device linkage.