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Together with TeraSmart, make any smart lighting solutions you want.

Light Bulbs

TeraSmart provides one-stop smart lighting solutions, including smart lighting hardware solutions, all-in-one apps, home lighting apps, commercial lighting SaaS platforms, IoT Cloud Platform, and various value-added services. You can now make any smart lighting products and solutions, and build any lighting scenarios you want.

Living Room Scenario

Dark Couch

Create your own colourful lighting experience

Let smart lighting bring you to any scene experience that is beyond your imagination


Tunable Colour Temperature

The product provides cold white light to meet your daily lighting needs and warm white light with a cozy glow.


Dance to Music

You can relax or entertain your guests with a light show by syncing the lights with your favourite tunes.


Coloured Light

The product offers 16 million colours to support vivid and real lighting effects.


Leaving-home Mode

The leaving-home mode can be enabled with one tap to create a scenario that looks like you are home while you are actually not, so as to protect your home from burglaries.


Scenario Switch

There are multiple preset smart lighting scenarios, and you can switch to your desired ambient lighting with one tap.


Free Combinations for Custom Home Linkages

You can combine the lights freely to customize your home linkages. The integration of light control, motion sensing, and app control will bring you a smarter lighting experience.

Bedroom Scenario

Bedroom Interior

Biorhythm Based Adjustment

Mimics natural light in real time, ensuring that you are always immersed in the most natural lighting expereince


Biorhythm-based Adjustment

The colour temperature and brightness are automatically adjusted at different hours of the day in keeping with your biological rhythm. During the daytime, the brightness and color temperature are high to inhibit melatonin secretion, making you energetic. 


Slow Lighting up and Dimming

After you preset lighting up and dimming periods in the app, the ceiling light will then slowly light up when turned on and fade off when turned off.


Sleep and Wake-up

In the morning, the light mimics the gradual rising of the sun to awaken you in a gentle and relaxed way. At night, the light casts a soft and warm glow in your room to help you sleep.


On/Off Timer

You can set a timer to turn the light on or off automatically at a preset time.


Brightness Adjustment

The brightness can be freely adjusted to suit different scenarios. For example, you can set the brightness to a perfect level while studying and working, or resting and relaxing.


Countdown Timer

You can customize a countdown timer to turn the light on or off automatically.

Outdoor Scenario

House with Pool

Full Automation Lighting


Automatically change the level of light to ensure that you get the most necessary lighting experience when needed


Sensing Mode Switching

You can easily switch between the manual and sensing modes for different scenarios.


Adjustable Sensing Delay

You can select the delay based on your habits or scenarios.


Motion Metection

You can set the sensitivity by switching between three sensing ranges.



The lights will glimmer before extinguishing to avoid sudden darkness.


Brightness Detection

You can customize the trigger conditions by selecting from five brightness detection levels at any time.


Historical Sensing Records

You can check the historical sensing records with one tap, so you will get a clear idea of when the lights have been triggered and when they have not.

Business Scenario

Modern Office Space

One-button Group Control

Group any lighting nodes at your home, and simply control all the nodes with just one button for both brightness and colour temperature


Biorhythm-based Adjustment

Lighting in keeping with human's biological rhythm is the future trend of healthy lighting. Backed by the biorhythm-based adjustment functionality, these solutions can automatically adjust the brightness and colour temperature based on people's sleep-wake cycles to make the light most suitable for learning, good memory, and working with positive emotions and high efficiency.


Efficient Linkages

When sensing motions, a single light can trigger all the other linked lights in the whole area. Synchronous trigger is available.


Slow Lighting up and Dimming

The slow lighting up and dimming feature resolves the issue of uncomfortable sudden lighting changes. After you preset lighting up and dimming periods in the app, the ceiling light will then slowly light up when turned on and fade off when turned off. Smart lighting is designed to provide people with a comfortable and healthy light experience, and it can do more than you think.


100% Triggered

Triggered even without a network connection, the lights will never let you down.


Diverse Control Methods

In addition to using a wall switch for on/off, brightness, and light colour control, now you can set segmented light colours in the app. The solutions support more control methods, including remote control through an IR remote control or mobile app, voice control with a smart speaker, scenario panel control, and auto control through linkage with other "Powered by TeraSmart" products.


Integration of Smart Lighting and Security Alerts

In addition to smart lighting, the solutions also provide security protection. An alert will be sent in real time to warn you of any unauthorized entry.