Kitchen Interior Design

Smart Kitchen Appliance Solutions

The kitchen is no longer a work place but a space of culinary exploration, innovation, and joy.

TeraSmart Kitchen Appliance

TeraSmart's smart kitchen solutions include four application scenarios: cooking, instant drinks, kitchen cleaning, and food storage. With the one-stop smart solutions on the IoT Platform, you can complete a sample within one day, and put it into mass production within 15 days, thus saving huge development and maintenance costs. Compatible with multiple protocols such as Wi-Fi+BLE, Wi-Fi, and BLE, and backed up by the diversified ecosystem of Powered by TeraSmart, this solution supports the interconnection and interoperability across brands, devices, and scenarios.

Smart Cooking

Couple Cooking

Smart helper makes

cooking easier.


Air Fryer

Make a reservation for cooking, with no need to wait for food. Collect massive cloud recipes with one click, which knows what you prefer. Upload your DIY recipes through the app and become a gourmet. With vegetable delivery baskets, save yourself from the trouble of matching ingredients. Turn device on/off through voice control.


Slow Cooker

View real-time cooking status remotely, record cooking history and store your favorite recipes in the cloud with one click on the app. When your meal is ready you will receive a notification so you are never late for dinner.


Food Probe

Preset the recommended cooking parameters by the USDA for 10 types of food, set reminders of cooking temperature and time, and view the trend curve of real-time temperature.

Healthy Instant Drinks


Choose your favorite drink


Smart Kettle

You can choose the desired temperature with one press of a button, view the current temperature on the app, and receive fault alerts if your device needs to be repaired or replaced.


Water Purifier

Monitor quality levels 24/7 to provide healthy drinking water and record water consumption. The app will remind you when the filter needs to be replaced and it will take you to the purchase page with one click.


Coffee Maker

Wake up happy knowing your coffee will be ready when you enter the kitchen, thanks to the scheduling and voice control features.

Kitchen Cleaning

Luxurious Kitchen

Free your hands from kitchen cleaning


Integrated Stove

Connect the kitchen hood and integrated stove on the app to automatically trigger the exhaust fan while cooking. Choose your desired meal from the cloud recipes, and control the devices accurately through offline speech recognition.



Schedule dish washing during off-peak hours, set up periodic sterilization tasks, record energy and water consumption, and send a notification when detergent is running low.


Garbage Disposal

Monitor working status and send fault reminders.

Food Storage

Kitchen Cabinet

Store your food ingredients clearly and scientifically


Wine Cabinet

Monitor the temperature and humidity on the app to ensure your wine is stored properly for optimal enjoyment.



Monitor the temperature and humidity on the app to ensure your food maintains a high level of quality and freshness.