Smart Gadgets


Enjoy a smart life in a comfortable and safe way

Smart Electrical

TeraSmart smart electrical solutions cover multiple industry fields such as power management and control, lighting control, curtain controller, energy management, electrical safety, and beyond. Backed by TeraSmart's exceptional smart software services, these solutions provide smart capabilities, including modules, clouds, and apps, to empower traditional electrical enterprises to achieve smart upgrades. Hundreds of no-code development solutions and open-source hardware solutions offer simple, safe, and reliable product experiences for homes, hotels, apartments, commercial, and other scenarios indoors and outdoors.

Home Scenario

Decorated Bedroom

Smart home makes everyday life easier

Be the master of your home and create your own convenient life


Home Scenarios

Self-service DIY scenario, switch to one-touch convenience, home will know you better.


Smart Schedule

Rich schedule function, experience the pleasure of convenient.


Wireless 3-Way Control

Setting 3-way control in app, you can be a "conductor" in the bed.


Voice Control

Supports voice and on-off control of the socket,

the plug and other products through TeraSmart, Echo,

Google Home, DuSmart Speaker and Yandex Station.

Make life more easier and convenience.

Outdoor Scenario

Backyard Patio

Smart garden offer a more colourful life

Bring your family members and enjoy a more splendid outdoor life


Garden Schedule

Custom schedule watering cycle, free your hands.


Convienience Travel

Convenience home access for your families.


Natural Schedule

Enable Outdoor plug, watering sunrise, sunset lighting, it will be your assistant.

DIY Retrofit

Smart Phone

Smart control from somewhere unnoticed

Pick up your toolbox and experience the fun of becoming an engineer


Small and Comprehensive

Better appearance without threw away your traditional switch.


DIY Life

Compact design to hide into your existing mounting box.


Power-off Delay Timing

Enable delayed off timing, it will automatically turn off after passing through the corridor, convenient and energy saving

Power Distribution & Smart Meter

Wind Mills

Homes from smart to sustainable

Gain insight into energy consumption and make energy-saving and eco-friendly choices


Energy Detection

APP real-time monitoring of Power consumption.


Energy Consumption Monitoring

APP obtain electricity data for the entire family, and systems analysis to show data.


Threshold Alarms

Preset energy consumption parameters to protect the safety of home.